10 Law School Personal Statement Writing Prompts

Getting started on your Law School Personal Statement can be the hardest part of the whole process. Break through the writer’s block with these thought-provoking writing prompts

1. Describe some of your notable accomplishments and failures. People will relate to you on a more personal level if they realize that you are human like them and make mistakes.

2. What are your law-related and non law-related goals? You will become more real to your reader if you write about something other than law for just a part of your essay.

3. Why law school? Describe your passion. A juror wants to know that you have purpose for writing this essay and that you are not just applying on a whim.

4. Who are the most influential people in your life? This is important, but make sure not to dwell on others; focus on yourself. You are the topic of this essay.

5. Describe some important or life-changing experiences. These can be law-related or not. Don’t give a chronological account of your life, but make sure to give enough detail on a few events so that the reader can identify with you.

6. Write an introduction to yourself that resembles a movie trailer. This will not be included verbatim in your law school personal statement, but it help you to start to think about yourself in a new way and break the ice for writing your essay.

7. If anything was possible, what would you do first? Use this as a jumping off point to talk about your moral or ethical goals when it comes to law. Maybe consider making this a sort of metaphor that transforms itself into your thesis.

8. What is it that attracted you to the law schools you are applying to? What do you think they specifically want to know about you. Try to tailor your personal statement to each school without making so many changes to each draft that you are basically rewriting each time.

9. What core values and abilities do you think a lawyer has to have? How are you on your way to obtaining these?

10. What can you bring to the field of law that is fresh and new? How could these things be valuable assets to your school of choice?

11. Write about an instance when you stood for an unpopular cause. This will show your character and ability to defend a client in the future that may be against the odds.

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