5 Effective Tips for JD Personal Statement

Taking up a Juris Doctorate is a big challenge but a very fulfilling one especially if you aim to make a career out of your law studies. There are various requirements that you need to fulfill when applying for this particular program. Among those that are required are your resume, application form and of course a JD personal statement.

Tips on Writing a JD Personal Statement

  • Go personal. A personal statement is about you. Just like in writing a personal statement for SJD degree, write something about you that makes you unique compared to others. Think of your experiences and achievements that have taken you to the path of studying law.
  • Keep it brief. An admissions officer has to read dozens of personal statement in a day. Don’t go rambling in your own statement. Keep it brief and to the point.
  • Stay positive. Highlight your achievements and skills in your personal statement because this is where you get to sell yourself to the admissions officer.
  • Proofread and Edit. Before you submit your statement, make sure that you have read and edited it.
  • Ask for feedback. Allow someone else to read your personal statement to ensure that you haven’t missed anything during your proofreading and editing.

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