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Law personal statement examples as well as LLM personal statement sample are arranged online by our team to work as reference for students while writing statements for the admission success needs. These examples are always a better way to learn more about the good content and format for the statement. It is suggested copying these examples is prohibited and will not be of any help for securing admission through copying too. Sample law school personal statement online should be used to understand, what contents and what content style is suitable to obtain attention through a personal statement. It is good to use samples wisely for every student.

Law Personal Statement Sample

“A recent legal tangle for my family significantly rekindled my desire to be a law professional. The legal tangle was related to a tax issue, but took very long to obtain justice in our favor. Definitely, legal matters are the greatest belief for my family and for me too, but the way justice taken longer duration for us made me to think more about the present day legal system and the flaws in it. I wanted to be a lawyer since my schooling, but various other subjects familiarity kept on changing my desire at regular intervals. The recent legal issue definitely created a huge impacted on me and created more interest to be a lawyer once again for me. Now, I am applying to your law program as one of the prospective students with utmost desire and determination to excel well. 

My concluding day of the undergraduate study left me with two choices at academic front as law and journalism. It is clearly sure that both fields can offer ample opportunity for the communication as well to serve well for the public. But, at the end law has been my strong choice of education due to the emotional pressure. I believe in this law program to a greater extent in a way to be of right source in bringing justice for the people those are in the needy. Definitely, I am emphasized and motivated to a full extent to keep up efforts in this program and wanted to be a best law professional that is suitable to pursue further studies in law besides serving well to the public.

My undergraduate study helped to equip well with the some of the subjects those are suitable to take up law program. Also, I had worked as part time journalist during under graduation and after the completion of the under graduation too. My work always kept me in contact with stressing issue of the society and this knowledge will help me to learn some of the legal aspects those are really concern for the present day society.