FAQs on Law School Admissions Resume

Below are some of the questions with answers you will get on our website about the law school admission resume.

  1. Is the law school admission resume different from other resumes?

In a resume for a job, you may include industry jargon when describing previous positions. Future employers will appreciate this language because it shows you understand the industry. But for law school admissions, this will confuse the admission committees who are looking for simple explanation of your accomplishments. Do it in a one page

  1. What am I supposed to highlight when talking about my education background?

Include what you studied, how you performed academically, what schools you attended, what activities you were involved in and the leadership positions you held. Include your grade point average and any honours like Dean’s list as well as the title of your thesis or most significant research project, incase you completed one

  1. How long should my law resume be?

It should not be more than one page because, generally, you only include the relevant information. You have more flexibility in the length of your law school resume as the purpose of this resume is to display how you have spent your time since graduating from school.

  1. What are the relevant things to include in my resume?

In a resume for a job, you only include work experience, activities and leadership positions that are relevant to the specific position for which you are applying. Law schools on the other hand, are looking for more comprehensive picture of who you are.

  1. Is it in order for me to design my law school resume in order to attract the dean’s attention like, using varied fonts, and different colours to emphasize a point?

For certain jobs like graphics, you can benefit by having a colourful resume with a unique layout and font. However, law schools are looking for a clear, straightforward, modern, and professional resume. They have so many resumes to go through so they don’t have that time to decipher your resume neither do they want to be distracted by innovative formatting. Use classic fonts like Times New Romans and Arial and keep the resume organized with simple, bold headlines and bullet points. Font size should be between 10-12.

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