How to Write a Strong Introduction in Your Law School Personal Statement

An introduction can make or break a personal statement and its effectiveness. It also sets the stage for the body and the conclusion, both of which cannot be successful without the introduction. Follow these simple guidelines to a strong introduction and the process may become a bit easier.

The first step to an attractive and engaging introduction to your law school personal statement, is a good outline. Make sure that know exactly what you want to say before you start your introduction. Do not just start writing with no purpose in mind.

Law School Personal Statement Writers Know The Trick

When writing any academic law essay, these three philosophical ideas established coined by Aristotle should always be considered. They are modes of persuasion, which, when used correctly, can increase your chances of acceptance. They are as follows:

  • Ethos: Appeal to ethics or morals. Law is foundationally based in morals and ethics. If your reason for entering into this field in also based in these foundations, you are on the right track.
  • Pathos: Appeal to emotions. This can be achieved through mentioning childhood experiences or hardships that you have faced that led you to your career in law.
  • Logos: Appeal to logic. Talk about what you have to offer the university to which you are applying. If you make a strong enough case as to how you can contribute to the university, they will have no choice but to consider you.

This is an important part of the study of law, and implementing it into your personal statement is sure to impress any reader. Be sure not to state outright that you are using these tools. You want this to be very subtle, effective only because the reader does not know you are purposefully utilizing them.

Your personal statement as a whole should have these ideas threaded throughout it. But the introduction should establish each one individually. This will set the stage for the body and conclusion of your law school personal statement, and begin to give purpose to each topic that you cover.

A good introduction should always be followed by an even better conclusion. See our tips on How to Write a Strong Conclusion in Your Law School Personal Statement.

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