Top-Notch Law Personal Statement Examples

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Valuable Tips on How to Write a Top-Notch Law Personal Statement

example personal statement ucas writingFirst, you should know that your personal statement is the chance you have to articulate and express your contribution, perspective, and voice as you seek admission to study law in your dream law school. Therefore, you should maximize the opportunity.

Here are some great ideas for law school personal statement when you decide to create it on your own:

  • Include the salient features that the admission committee is looking for. Some of such salient features include leadership potential, accountability, intellectual curiosity, problem-solving skills, creativity, compassion, resilience, interpersonal skills and determination to succeed regardless of obstacles. Therefore, your personal statement must first express these traits in your own voice.
  • Describe your life journey so far. Keep it as brief as you can, yet articulating your experiences and how they relate to your decision to study law, including why you chose the institution in question.
  • Avoid self-ascribed autobiography. According to one of the admission committee members at a notable law school, “We don’t need an assertive piece of writing – bragging or self-ascribed achievements. Applicants should avoid self-ascribed glory and autobiography.” In essence, avoid exaggerated claims in your statement.
  • Follow the guidelines given by your choice school. Most importantly, when writing a personal statement for a law school, pay close attention to the specific instructions provided by the accredited college or institution of your choice. Each school would have specific instructions besides the generic format or guidelines. For instance, some schools may request for work experience, personal and academic background, extra-curricular activities and more.
  • How to get started. First, collate the pieces of information you would need such as your school/work/community experience, extracurricular activities, unique interests or talents, personal experiences and challenges, including goals you’ve attained.
  • A writing style to adopt. Writing style counts when it comes to writing the best statements. Basically, you should tie your content together with a theme and in a logical manner. Allow your ideas to progress and flow seamlessly and coherently. And, ensure you integrate transitions superbly. Of course, perfect grammar, active voice, correct spellings and simple grammar structure are good elements of any meaningful statement. Avoid ambiguity, both in words, structure, and concepts while creating your law school personal statement.
  • Word count or page limit. If you don’t know how to write a personal statement for university, you have to understand that some schools have specifics when it comes to how you should structure your statement. And, the specifics would include the word count or page limit. So, it is best to stick to those specifics, including the word count. However, if the school does not provide specific word count or page limit, a good length standard should be around two pages, with double-spacing.

ideas for law school personal statementHere are some other dos and don’ts of statements for law school:

  • Write concisely and target quality instead of quantity
  • Stick to all specific instructions
  • Include activities that showcase your unique qualities, but not with a bragging or exaggerated tone
  • Write as many drafts as possible until you arrive at a perfect draft
  • Focus more on your college-days activities
  • Seek a professional help in reviewing your final draft
  • Don’t be philosophical, especially when it comes to your view about law
  • Don’t try to involve relatives or friends, the focus should be on you
  • Don’t use quotation. Try and capture another person’s words with your own words

Your target should be A+ outcome when writing a personal statement, which is why it should be as top-notch as possible. A professional writing help can help you get to the A+ target.

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