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law school addendum sampleLaw school addendum sample is arranged online from our team in a way writing this addendum can be knowledge to the students. Addendum for school is provided in the form of online service with us, but provided sample is to understand the caliber of our team before hiring. Also, student those are interested in writing addendum for your law school can make good use of our sample as a reference too. Law school addendum writing is little tedious keeping in mind the required things incorporated in it along with the perfect adherence of the prevailing guidelines.

Criminal Addendum Sample

It is always difficult to try to explain to others that I have a criminal conviction in my past, but that I have made impactful changes since that occurred over two decades ago that have positively impacted my country and my community.

At a very young age I was exposed to drugs and gang violence, and at the age of seven, I witnessed my father die from a drive-by shooting in the front of our home. It didn’t take long for me to get entangled in the gang mess that my older brothers and my father before me took too so quickly. However, at the age of 17 years, I was convicted as an adult of felony robbery and assault, and it was my third strike. At that time I was given a few options. I could serve out my time in prison, or I could go to a rehabilitation boot camp, or enlist in the Armed Forces. I made the decision to stop damaging myself and my community, and to use all of my pent up frustration and energy to serve my country instead.

I enlisted in the Army, and have being serving in this branch of the military for 20 years now. I have been stationed stateside and overseas, and have done four tours in the war torn nations of Iraq and Afghanistan. I have worked my way up to First Sergeant (E8) while simultaneously earning my Master of Science degree in Technology.

With my military career coming to an end as I head into retirement, I now desire to give back and serve my local community as a Professor within your Bachelor of Science in Technology program. I realize that it is atypical for universities of your stature to consider hiring a convicted felon; however, I am confident that I am well beyond that difficult point in my life. I desire to give back to my community as a technology professor, mentor, and leader who can help young people in difficult situations choose the right paths for their futures.

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