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Law School Addendum TemplateAddendum template provided online with us is a greatest help to follow the right format. We created the best template that is successful in acquiring the best law school addendum format. Law school addendum writing is one kind of tough task besides having a great necessity to keep it in right format. This format troubles can be easy to avoid through deploying our template into its writing task. Just write your law school addendum and fit it well in the provided template in order to acquire right shape and style in return successfully.

Medical Condition Law School Addendum Template

Fighting a battle against cancer is far from easy, and this war against my body definitely affected my undergraduate studies. During my sophomore year, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and it was found to be cancerous. This battle raged within me, but I was able to beat it with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. The battle lasted for three years, and it required me to withdraw from my studies for a period of time. I tried to complete my sophomore year while dealing with this news and beginning my fight; however, I ended up getting poor grades in a few of my classes and decided to withdraw at that time.

I have now been in remission for two years, during which time I have completed my biology and pre-med undergraduate degree with honors. I am now ready to continue my education in your renowned medical program to become a physician. I am asking that you consider me for this program even though you will see that I had a few low grades during my undergraduate studies, and I needed to withdraw for a period of time. After my treatment, I was reinstated into my Bachelor of Science program in pre-med, and am confident that I am now capable of giving 100% to medical school.

Having battled cancer myself, it is now an even bigger goal of mine to become a physician. I am confident in my abilities, as well as in my academic and career choice. I look forward to gaining entrance into medical school to take the next step in my journey.

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