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Law School Admission Essay Sample

“As a child my study goals always kept on changing due to the way new things coming in contact with me. This kind of varied interest all the time made me as an enthusiast that is always not complacent with acquiring knowledge. My every experience motivated me to master in a new sphere of activities. Eventually, I ended up deciding doing legal education believing that this law degree can quench my thirst for knowledge to a good extent. Definitely, education in a law school will offer me a new scope to explore more horizons and my thinking perspective will turn into a perfect match for this purpose too. Now, I am applying to your popular law school seeking admission into the chosen program.

My college education clearly taught me rewards through the academic knowledge to a great extent. This college education turned me into a good student as well as an intellect too. My college education helped me to acquire god knowledge in some of the special subjects those are suitable to take up this chosen law program. I am always a best student in my college with the acquired better grades. I always believe in healthy competition at the academic front and competed with everyone that is doing well in my college at academic front and sports front too.

Experience is one more important that should be there with while applying for a professional course like Law degree. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked with any law firm, but worked with some of the big players Pricewaterhouse as an apprentice. The work experience at this big company helped me to understand, how corporate entities work besides fulfilling all the legal aspects to a good extent. Definitely, my acquired experience and acquired academic background will act as a greatest support for me to excel well with the chosen law school program. I request to offer me a spot in your law school and I will keep up all my efforts in a better way.”