Law School Application Personal Statement Example

Law School Application Personal Statement Example Online

Law school application personal statement example the same as law personal statement examples online with us is just a reference for you to write well your statement, but copying example is not at all a good idea. Many students very often consider copying example statements online, but such acts cannot be of any help for your admission success. Copied statements will be straight away rejected and candidature will be at loss at admission front. It is always wise to write your law school application personal statement on own through following a sample online. This is the main reason, why we keep law school personal statement examples online for the students.

Law School Application Personal Statement Example

“My father is a farmer and my mother is a housewife and a high school dropout. I grew up and completed my schooling in a suburban city of the USA. My parents dream is always to see me as an academician and supported me since childhood to study well. Their support has been a greatest help for me to groom myself as a best student up to the college. My academic background and exposure acquired through volunteering always motivated me to turn into a best lawyer for the society. I persuaded my parents for taking up this law program and applying to your prestigious law school. 

My schooling and undergraduate study really went well and helped me a lot in acquiring the good grades too. Apart from the studies, I have participated actively in many volunteer programs, which are mainly into teaching village kids. The teaching in far off villages made me to understand the kind of life style of the locals and the things deprived for them all. This experience is the main reason for me to take up law program. I want to complete my law program and wanted to be of reasonable help for the people in village those are still not aware of the helpful laws derived for their benefit. My cause to take up law program is definitely a noble one and my parents too agreed with me with their extended support.

My high school and college studies significantly created a good background for me to take up this chosen program. My volunteering experience can result into a good help for me to explore the program in a better way to transform myself as a best lawyer too. My interest to take up this program is clearly instilled in me a determination to do well in the program too. Now, I request you to accept my application into the law program and this will give me a chance to realize my goals well at the professional front.