Is Double Major A Pro Or A Con For The Law School Admission?

The idea of having a double major is very attractive for many students. Law School Personal Statement writing service understands them, because graduating with two degrees already obtained seems very beneficial for the enrollment to a law school. Still, completing a double major requires hard work, diligence and persistence – not everyone are able to do it. What is more, our writers are sure that there are both advantages and disadvantages of double major for your law school enrollment and will introduce them to you.

Pros Of Double Major For Law School Admission

Undoubtedly, the fact that you have a double major will witness for your ability to work hard and willingness to do so. That is an undeniable plus which will be added to you by the admission committee of your law school. What I more, according to  Law School Personal Statement writing service, double major is also good, because it will show that you obtain a wider breadth and depth of knowledge which will make you stand out from the other applicants. However, when deciding which double major to choose, you should make sure that is relevant to your law specialty, otherwise, it may not speak in your favor.

Cons Of Taking Double Major For Your Law School Enrollment

Our writers at Law School Personal Statement writing service are sure that the influence double major has on your law school enrollment may be ambivalent. This means, that taking a double major has also some cons. First of all, it may happen that you will have average or poor grades for one or both majors – this will make the admission board consider you as an indecisive person not able to indicate priorities and, therefore, tending to fail in what you are doing. In addition, if your second major has little to do with the law, the committee will doubt your interest to the subject and eagerness to study it.

Another Ways To Make Your Law School Enrollment Successful

As you can see, double major can be either a con or a pro for your enrollment to a law school. It all depends from the circumstances, thus, you are to consider them carefully before making your choice. Nevertheless, there are other parts of your application, apart from test scores, which can make you differ favorably from the other applicants: your recommendation letters and your law school personal statement. If you will ever need help with the latter, don’t hesitate turning to our service and our professional writers will do their utmost to assist you!

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