Law School Personal Statement Example

Below is a sample of a law school personal statement which illustrates the correct tone, language and emphasis of a real, successful statement. Recommendations and advice have been added in brackets so that you can see the reason behind specific omissions and word usage.

Please note that the following sample is merely a construction to lead your own law school mission statement, and should not be taken as a definitive, finished product.

My name is Gregory Stevens, and I am currently in my final year of high school. I attend a very traditional, all boys school (provide details on the type of school), which has instilled in me a love of ancient culture; art and philosophy (allude to your interests). Thankfully I’ve been allowed to choose subjects that interest me, and I am currently studying English, Latin, Art, History, Mathematics and Geography (emphasize personal fields of knowledge). I think that these subjects, coupled with the opportunities to take them at my school, have stimulated my interest in law (Define where your interest comes from). I find it fascinating to think that we are still basing our laws, buildings, and art on Ancient models!

While I do enjoy the academic side of school, sport is also a big part of my life. I enjoy football the most, and even though I’m not the best, being part of a team has taught me lots of lessons (Show your diversity). I have learnt to be gracious in defeat, but also to do my best to make sure that we don’t lose! Being in a team was a challenge at first, but now I understand the benefits of working with other people.(Point to your maturity, and life lessons you have learnt)

Law is a subject that intrigues me and I think that I have learnt the skills that will make me a competent and successful lawyer. Passion, desire, and determination are all useful in a court room, and if I ever lose, which will inevitably happen, then I can handle this in a professional and mature way, although I really hope that I will never have to experience that situation! (Keep your tone light and quietly confident, and suggest reasons why you might make a successful lawyer)