Law School Personal Statement Example

Here is another shortened sample of a successful personal statement for law school.


I am Betty Chang, a senior at Great Lakes High School. I’ve been interested in English and History since I was a little girl, and these two subjects, along with Math, Science, Art, Mandarin and Biology, are my majors for my final year. A lot of my friends think that my subjects are far too different to get into college, but I think it’s important to know something about everything.

When I’m not studying, I enjoy playing my flute. I don’t take music as a subject at school, but have lessons on the weekends. I like coming home and spending an hour with my instrument – the time alone helps me clear my head. And my teacher’s comments always help to improve. He hears if I have been lazy and skipped practice, but that doesn’t happen anymore. I quickly realized that practice and motivation will help me improve, and now I can play more sweetly than before! Having something that I can take pride in, that is completely my own, makes me happy.

I think it was our English teacher that really inspired me to consider studying law. We were reading “A Tale of Two Cities”, and the genius and passion of Charles Darnay really touched me. Not only was he very skilled in the intricacies of law, he also showed that he had a strong commitment to justice and morality by sacrificing his life. This last tragic incident also revealed a passionate side of law that I find enticing. I would like to explore the limits of law and justice, and learn about moral codes. This passion was also stirred in my history class. We have focussed on so many important leaders and battles, but I can’t shake the idea that war is really unethical. Once again, I want to learn more so that I can better understand what is going on in the world around me.

I think that I have already made a positive start to my life, and learnt the importance of dedication, practice and passion. I’m lucky that I have had a chance to explore my favourite subjects, and that I can still focus on other things like my home tongue Mandarin. Hopefully these skills and interests will help me to become a good, ethical lawyer.

Type of work:

Turnaround/Level Standard (5-7 days) Rush (3 days) 911 (24 hours)
Law school $32.63
Other $38.07