Law School Personal Statement Requirements

You know exactly what you need when applying for law school, right? A good GPA, a great LSAT score, and a strong personal statement. But what exactly are the requirements for your law school personal statement?

The technical requirements for law school personal statements seem to vary from school to school, and need to be checked thoroughly before you apply. Making a mistake in the layout of your personal statement is indicative of a general disregard for instructions, which will not please the selection committee.

In general, your personal statement needs to be 4000 characters long (not words), and presented in a logical and legible format. Standard fonts such as Times New Roman are suggested, and it is beneficial to change the spacing to 1.5 in order to create a visually appealing document. The document should accompany all of your applications, as they will be necessary at every step of the selection process.

However, the requirements of a law school personal statement are far more stringent than mere layout instructions. This crucial document, which may mean the difference between successful acceptance and rejection, is your chance to make the best first impression of your life. It is important to measure your previous schooling, but do not go into detail about your academic record – the selection panel will already have all of your personal information. Try to focus on the way in which your childhood has shaped your interest in law. You should also include some information about your hobbies or pastimes, and passions in life, as they will reveal the human character behind the endless academic documentation.

There are, quite naturally, unsaid requirements when it comes to writing a law school mission statement.  Firstly, be completely honest. Lying on an application can have severe repercussions for the rest of your academic career. Also, do not preach your own gospel – your personal statement should not be a kin to a beauty queens victory speech. Keep the tone informal but respectable, and write in such a way that you cannot be overlooked at the first glance. A personal statement that is technically sound, and well-constructed in terms of content, will meet the explicit and implicit requirements put forth by any law school

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