Law School Personal Statement Sample

Check a sample law school personal statement created by our writers:

Imagine what would happen if people never saved money for a rainy day; never contemplated what they would do in an emergency? The world would be like a never-ending rain storm with no umbrella to keep off the rain. Disaster after disaster might come along and people would have no help to begin again. The law provides support for the insurance umbrella that provides necessary protection and peace of mind for people. I want to study law and provide people with that necessary protection. My study and work experience in insurance has fostered a deep interest in the law. These experiences changed the way I see the world and motivated me to pursue a legal degree. My insurance background, academic accomplishments, and commitment to the study of law make me a good candidate for law school.I seek acceptance into the University of XXX’s law school under the Individual Consideration category. I am a XX year old, first-generation, mature student who has successfully completed more than five two-term courses toward the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in English with an over 4.0 GPA. It should be noted that prior to beginning my study of Insurance at XX College in 1995, I had a mere eighth grade education due to deprived social conditions that I endured living under the care of the Aid Society until I turned 14 years of age. At fourteen, I ceased to live under the care of the Aid Society and was not able to continue pursuing an education. Yet, here today, seventeen years later, I have academically excelled at a university level of study, particularly in the areas of psychology, critical thinking, and writing. In fact, I was the top student in my Introduction to Psychology class in 2013. In addition, my critical thinking argument final paper is used as an example for other students, and I am the only student to receive a perfect grade on that exam. Moreover, I have displayed outstanding written communication skill in Language and Writing courses where I also received a perfect overall grade for the course in 2014. These academic successes provide a proven track record to support the assertion that I will be successful in studying law.

My deep interest in law began while completing my Insurance diploma at XXX College from 1995-1999. While conducting career research on a computer program called “Discovery,” I discovered a good career choice for me would be an attorney. Due to my severe lack of educational background, I shied away from it. However, as I learned more about the law and how it helps people, my desire to study it grew. I accepted a summer employment position in insurance claims and I found I liked the way the law helped and protected people. The Insurance courses I studied created a mental framework of the law inside my mind and that mental framework helped me develop a perspective of the world where insurance provided protection and peace of mind for people, which makes the world a better place. As my knowledge and experience in insurance grew, so did my interest in law, which is still with me today.

I plan to study law to help people navigate the insurance industry. The insurance umbrella needs dedicated lawyers to ensure protection and peace of mind for current and future generations, so people do not have to face the specter of living through a disaster without protection to start over again. What sets me apart from other applicants for the law program is my professional insurance qualifications and experience. I am a member of the Insurance Institute of Canada, working toward a CIP designation, and possess both personal and commercial insurance qualifications. My education, qualifications, and experience in insurance, combined with law school studies, will enable me to pursue a career as a lawyer in the insurance industry.