Writing the “Why X” Law School Statement

The “Why X” law school statement is usually optional on your law school application, but it is an option that should be taken advantage of, as it is a good chance to get ahead of the curve. A “Why X” law school statement is your chance to tell the jury reviewing your application why you chose to apply to that particular school.

Compliment Your Reader

While you definitely want to give complimentary statements to the law school of your choice in your statement, you do not want to sound insincere by over-flattering your reader. Admiration is good, but in small doses.

Show Your Knowledge

Make sure to do your research on the law school you are writing to before you start your “Why X” statement. A reviewer will be impressed if you are knowledgeable about the specialties of the school, its reputation in the community, and other aspects. Try to also relate yourself to these positive traits in some way. For example, it this school specializes in one area that you are particularly partial to, mention your partiality. This will identify you with your reviewer and the school itself.

Why Law School?

Be sure to talk not only about why you are choosing this particular law school, but also briefly why you are choosing law school in general. You have already written about this in your personal statement and admissions essays by now, but be sure to tie this statement back to the rest of your application. A cohesive application is always best, and you can never go wrong telling about your passion for law.

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