Low LSAT isn’t a problem for LawSchoolPersonalStatement.Biz writers

http://www.lawschoolpersonalstatement.biz/, a website that helps individuals write their personal statement to gain entrance to law school, has demonstrated its value with current figures that indicate that the service is able to help even those with low LSAT scores in the quest for entrance to prominent law schools throughout the United States. In fact, the site has recently announced that 34 individuals with LSAT scores in the 130-140 range were accepted into prestigious law schools across the country. They were thrilled to share the news with lawschoolpersonalstatement.biz after they learned of their fate.

One student stated “It was nice to have the support of my personal statement writer, who understood my circumstances about my low score on the LSAT. It was just a bad time for me to be testing, with a death in my family that happened that week.” She took that information and expressed it in a way that gained him some latitude and then expressed his true passion for law. The admission board was apparently impressed, and he will be starting school in the Fall of 2012.

The manager of www.lawschoolpersonalstatement.biz said it is a great feeling to help those who would be great students and excellent attorneys to overcome the dreaded obstacle of presenting a low LSAT score to the admissions board. “We emphasize the positive and express the zeal that prospective students have for the subject of law. It’s a talent that goes a long way in helping persuade the board members that the student should be a part of the next graduating class. Many of these students know what they want to express but just need some help getting it down on paper.”

Another student is currently doing a law internship and awaiting the start of her first semester in the Fall of 2012. Her credentials were impressive, but just needed some help putting her ideas into the written word. Her low LSAT score was caused by all-too-familiar test anxiety. After reading her personal statement and looking at her other information, she was accepted without delay.

Lawschoolpersonalstatement.biz can help almost anyone with the goal of getting into some of the most prominent law schools. Getting some noteworthy sentiments onto paper is what makes the difference between an average personal statement and a stellar one. This is the website’s ultimate design and purpose. Visit lawschoolpersonalstatement.biz today to get more information.

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