Pitfalls of JD Law Degree

What are the pitfalls of JD law degree?

JD law degree or called Juris Doctor is a graduate degree taken after an LL.B degree and before an LL.M degree. This is a 3 year graduate course mostly taken by students who took a full form of LL. B course. However JD degree is widely learned and practiced in the US compared to other countries. In the US, JD degree is called the first degree in law and offered in ABA- approved (American Bar Associated) institutions. The disadvantage of earning JD degree is that some schools and states in the US are not ABA approved hence having a JD degree has limitations.

Since some schools aren’t ABA-approved the JD degrees taken in ABA-less institutions, even coupled with LL.M degrees taken, won’t have much effect to take a bar exam in the future. For Canadians who have LL.B degrees seeking JD degrees in the US to take on bar exams in the end, have to make sure that the institution chosen has ABA- approval.

In short JD law degrees only apply to some key countries such as US and Canada and other countries that follow US standards. But still the limitation falls on the institutions, states, and countries that are not of ABA-approval.

How to be a Juris Doctor Candidate?

To gain admission for candidacy a student has to have a bachelor’s degree, therefore most students would study LL.B degrees before taking on a JD law degree. A Law School Admission Tests or LSAT is required to be taken as part of the candidacy. An LSAT is a half a day exam given at 4 times a year for Law students to undertake to provide them with the scores needed for the JD degree candidacy. Law students can take LSAT exams in US, Canada and other countries that offer them, GPA scores also factor in along with other requirements needed by the school you wish to study in. In some institutions, LL.B degree credits may fall short due the difference in teaching and may require students to take electives creditable prior to having a JD degree.

Once the student is accepted, the candidates must dedicate full time study for three years in the chosen institution.

How to take a Juris Doctor online?

Juris Doctor, a few years back requires students to devote full three years to the course within their institution. These days there are some institutions that offer online Juris Doctor for students providing they follow the requirements and provide all the necessary applications required of them. It is a growing trend to allow flexibility for the students especially when there are unavoidable hindrances and handicaps. However there are still some institutions that regardless the student study online they need to meet advisors each month.

To gain an online Juris Doctor online, students look for a specific school that offers it, and then apply from there. Once the students are accepted they have to complete 92 units per course within 48 to 52 weeks. This enables the students to work as if studying in a regular law school environment. The course takes in a total of 4 years to complete. Afterwards the students will take a license exam prior to the bar exam.

Type of work:

Turnaround/Level Standard (5-7 days) Rush (3 days) 911 (24 hours)
Law school $32.63
Other $38.07