Write a Top Law Personal Statement

What you choose to include in your law personal statement can really make or break your college application. It goes deeper than mere content, however, as even the way in which you express yourself will be scrutinized. Prepare your personal statement with the help of top-quality samples and expert advice and you’ll maximize your chances of getting accepted into the school of your choosing.

What Your Law School Personal Statement Should Include

law personal statement helpThere are several things that law schools look for in particular and they can be summed up in just a few bullet points. Don’t be fooled into thinking that writing a law school personal statement is easy, though. Composing law school personal statement essays requires a great deal of skill and dedication. Most people get extensive help with their application and you should do the same if you want to level the playing field and give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

At the very least, law schools are looking for the following information in your statement:

  • Show that you’re actually interested in law and that you’re not doing it just to appease your parents or something along those lines. When writing a law school personal statement, make sure you include a legal story that inspired you to want to enter the legal arena someday.
  • Law involves a lot of reading but it’s ultimately a vocational degree, that is to say it is one that ends up in your joining an established profession. Ensure that you demonstrate your ambition to be an attorney, solicitor or whatever other subtype of lawyer you’d like to be. Your desire to succeed at a specific goal within the overarching theme of law will make you look dedicated and a good addition to this year’s student body.
  • The best law school personal statement essays include plenty of extracurricular information that relates to your aptitude for the course to which you’re applying. Such activities may not be directly linked with the legal profession, but you should be able to create some kind of positive and useful connection if you think about it.

Top Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement on Law

LSAT servicesIf you want to write the best personal statement on law, you need to follow a few pointers. The tips below were formulated by some of the brightest legal professionals on our books, so it’d be well worth your time paying attention:

  • Whether you want to pursue an undergraduate course or you’re intending to do a law masters personal statement writing is a key skill to learn. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers, professors or peers. The best option is to involve a professional legal writer who really knows how to get your point across.
  • In the case of a law masters personal statement content should include a fair amount of experience-related information. By this point, you may already have some legal practice under your belt and even if not, you’ve probably been involved in internships with law firms. Any experience you have can be leveraged to make yours the best law personal statement ever.
  • If you didn’t do so well in your LSAT, you have a good reason for this. While poor LSAT results can result in you being unable to attend the very highest ranked law schools, many other will give you a chance if you can write the best law personal statement ever.
  • If you’re intending to applying to a number of different schools for international law personal statement writing can be tricky. Make sure you know what is expected of you in each location before you submit your final application. The best writers always know their target audience intimately and this is never more important than when international law personal statement writing is concerned.

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