Significant Pecualirities of BCL Degree

What is a BCL degree?

BCL degree or Bachelor of Civil Law holds various forms of common law in the world. It is originally a postgraduate degree but these days it is offered as an undergraduate degree in some law schools in the world, especially in the US.  In the meantime in England, two of its top universities take this degree as a master’s level which is an ending fit for BA, LLB and JD degrees. Once an English law student has completed an entry level and graduate course, this is usually recommended to take.

A BCL degree isn’t limited to common law. It is also inclined to cannon law. Cannon or Ecclesiastical law is law used in religious governments and bodies such as the Vatican. They have laws that are independent from local and international laws. They use this degree in part of their religious law which only encompasses the governing body they thrive in.

What are the significant peculiarities of BCL degree?

The significant peculiarities of BCL degree lies in its use.

In US, the Bachelor of Civil Law is taken as a common law and taught the same way and level as an LL.B degree. Basically in this country it is an undergraduate course,however not all states share the same academic and practical applications for a BCL degree. This peculiarity hinders students to study and work their practices in another state due to the differences in accreditation between institutions.For example, a BCL degree taken in another state where the institution isn’t ABA-approved won’t be acceptable in another state where their BCL degree is ABA- approved. Usually in such differences the students are subjected to gain new credits dismissing the ones earned. These idiosyncrasies in accreditation poses a problem for students who have advantages in another state, but fail to have the desired work because their credits are limited in institutions having their law courses ABA- approved or not.

In the Commonwealth however, Oxford and Cambridge University hold their BCL degrees in high esteem placing this degree in a master’s level. Students who finished their LL.B and JD degrees may opt for BCL or MJur (Magister Juris) degrees. This is basically the most straight forward approach in law studies in their country.

What are the advantages of having a BCL degree?

Earning a BCL degree will improve chances for future career advancements for those who hold such degrees. This is why most students work hard to attain a BCL degree. A BCL degree isn’t limited to a single profession as itsprogram range works alongside with History, Science, Engineering and Mathematics degree holders. Students in non-law institutions who obtained a BCL degree will earn the title “doctor”, however this is argumentative as most of these non-law institutions prefer their students to take the traditional PhD.However this type of argument is limited to academics only and won’t affect the choices taken. But for law students a BCL degree a required part in their education and it can go a long way depending on the country where the student is.

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