Structuring Your Law School Personal Statement

There are two main categories of structures to choose from when writing your law school personal statement. Choose one from each category, one pertaining to the visual aesthetic of your essay and one to the content.

Law School Personal Statement Writers Help with Structure

Structuring Your Visual Layout: There are two types of visual structures that will effect how your personal statement reads and how easily it is navigated.

  • Paragraph Essay: A paragraph essay has no subtitles. It is simply organized into paragraphs that are separated according to the content that is included in each. Transitions are something to be considered here, as they will help to bridge any gaps between different topics. Split your paragraphs strategically. You do not want too many small paragraphs, as this can get distracting. You also do not want long paragraphs, or a single body of text, as this is very hard to read.
  • Heading Essay: The difference here is the presence of subtitles. This increases the ease of reading your personal statement and also makes it easier to review. Just like with the Paragraph Essay, you have to be careful how you split up your content. You want paragraphs that are not too long and not too short.

Structuring Your Content: These structures will effect what you include in you law school personal statement and how it is organized accordingly. Try to choose a Visual Structure that compliments your Content Structure.

  • Chronological: A Chronological structure is by far the most common when it comes to personal statements. Begin with a time in your life when you first realized, at the time or in retrospect, that you were interested in the field that you are entering into. Talk about your exposure to the field leading up to this point, and then your goals for the future. This structure fits well with the Paragraph Essay Visual Structure.
  • Categorical: This is a great way to make connections between events that, in a chronological structure, would not necessarily be associated. Start by constructing a list of everything that you want to include in your law school personal statement and categorize it in a way that makes sense. This is a somewhat freeing structure, as you are not bound to the order in which things in your life happened. This structure is best paired with the Heading Essay Visual Structure.
  • Story: This format is probably the lease used and most difficult structure. Telling a story in a personal statement is like writing a novel. This means that is is best structured in the Paragraph Essay format. Tell the story of your life as pertaining to your chosen field. If you were to tell this story verbally, what would you say? This also opens the door to all kinds of literary tools used by authors in novels. You can use mystery, plays on words, rhetorical inquiries and all types of compelling tools to engage your reader.

The most important thing to remember here is that your visual and contextual structures need to work well together. We have suggested pairings of these within the descriptions of the contextual structures, but it you feel that your topic is begging for another, go with your gut. We hope this has helped you in your journey to a great law school personal statement and a fulfilling career in law.

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