Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

personal statement for law school being the bridge to your admission, we hereby give you some of tips on how to write the content, the form and style.

Law school personal advice

  • Provide explanation where possible but at all cost, avoid giving excuses.
  • If you think your personal statement is becoming wordy, it is better to attach a resume which will explain the other things you need explained.
  • In case after high school, you had some breaks before applying for the law school, make sure you explain what you were doing with yourself during those breaks.
  • Discuss your skills i.e. leadership, communicative and personal characteristic i.e. compassion, persistence and commitment.
  • Write about you have done outside school like if involved in community work or any charitable work, mention it.
  • Make sure you include some of your own personal experiences.

Writing a law school personal statement

Include the main topics i.e. personal experiences and obstacles that you have overcome, work experience (if any), family background, academic background, motivation for study of law, significant life experiences that have impacted you and made you a stronger person. What you write should set you a part from other individual. It has to be unique.

Law school personal statement format

  • Avoid using law jargon, use direct language.
  • It should be brief, about 2-3 pages double spaced
  • This is the only writing the admission committee is going to see, let it portray who you really are, the real you. Proof read it.
  • Don’t quote people, be yourself and write about self
  • Mostly dwell on what you have done in college onwards. High school accomplishments in most cases are not appealing to the admission committee

Law school personal statement advice

You can write a personal statement for law school on the following topics:

  • Describe a personal challenge that you face and/or a hardship you overcame.
  • Discuss your proudest personal achievement or a unique hobby (mountain climbing, making recipes for a wedding, entering a singing contest).