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How to Get a SJD Degree

Getting an SJD degree is not that easy given that it is a program that requires plenty of research and analysis as well as producing a dissertation that is completely unique and in line with the law that you are practicing. This is a program worth considering if you wish to be a legal academic in the long run which means you need to start considering which school you wish to enroll right now. If you need help with applying we are more than happy to assist you.

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Tips on Getting SJD Degree

  • Choose your school. You need to carefully select which institution you’ll take up for your studies.
  • Learn about their requirement. Before you send your application, make sure that you review all the requirements needed.
  • Create a personal statement. Make sure that you include a law personal statement along with your application to strengthen your resume.
  • Submit samples of work. It will do you good to submit previous written work during your JD and LL.B days along with your application.
  • Written agreement from supervisor. Obtain a written letter from a law faculty who will serve as your advisor in your dissertation.

Need Help with Applying for SJD Program?

Applying for a program in SJD can be tough especially when there are only a certain number of students that are considered for the spot. Even if your credentials are good enough for the program, you should consider that there are students who have the same grades or even better than you who will be applying as well. How can you stay one step ahead of them? Make sure that your personal statement is written like a pro.

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