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How to Write a NYU LLM Personal Statement

It can be tough to get noticed among the crowd of applicants for LLM in NYU especially when they’ll be doing their best to get ahead of their competition. It’s not just about the grades but the way they present themselves in their personal statement that can give them the edge they need. You too you should consider how you’re going to write your tax LLM personal statement so that you will be picked among the applicants.

How to Make Your NYU LLM Personal Statement Stand Out

  • Stay organized and focused. Keep in mind that a personal statement is only short. Make yours brief but informative.
  • Show your personality. When sending your NYU LLM application make sure that your personal statement shows your personality because this will set you apart from the rest.
  • Specify examples. Support your claims with examples of how you became interested in this path in your Law studies.
  • Keep it professional. Your personal statement should show how professional you are in presenting yourself as this will translate on how well you will do in the program.
  • Keep it interesting.  A personal statement shouldn’t just be informative but interesting as well.

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Effective Personal Statement

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