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How to Write a Tax LLM Personal Statement

Did you know that writing a tax LLM personal statement is one of the hardest parts to do? When you apply for Tax LLM, it is important that you include a statement about your personal history and background to give admissions  officers an  idea on who you are and what your achievements are to decide whether you are worth accepting to their program or not. Although there are some who don’t have any problems putting together a decent LLM personal statement, there are those who need a little help along the way.

Write a Compelling Tax LLM Personal Statement

  • Add personality. Since you are writing a personal statement make sure that your paper sounds more personal in the sense that you inject a little bit of humor to make it more interesting.
  • Highlight your positive traits. Keep in mind that a personal statement is all about you so put the positive things about yourself at the forefront.
  • Stay focused. A personal statement should be brief and to the point. Don’t go jumping from one idea to the next.
  • Read and edit. Always double check your work for errors.
  • Let others read your work. It pays to have someone read your work to get their feedback.

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