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Law School Personal Statement Help

The idea of writing a personal statement for law school is a daunting one that often leads to stress and sleepless nights. How can you present the right image without sounding arrogant? What information should be included? Who can I trust to review my statement? These and other questions seem to plague many applicants that are trying to get in to law schools across the globe.

Fortunately, help is close at hand via the internet and a variety of companies that help hopeful applicants exist. The services offered are varied, and are specifically designed to help you put your best foot forward when you hand in your law school personal statement.
The simplest service, aimed at those who are confident in their personal statement but who remain unsure of its efficacy, is a critique and review service. Here, trained professionals with experience of college applications will read and analyze your personal statement, and make notes and suggestions that will guide you in shaping the best statement possible.

Another essential service offered is law school personal statement editing. A personal statement that is clumsily written and riddled with grammatical errors is certain to create a negative impression with the application panel. Why not allow a competent editor, with specialized knowledge regarding law school personal statements, to correct errors and sculpt your statement so that it becomes striking and attractive?

The final service offered is law school personal statement writing itself. This service is aimed at those who have a great passion for law, and who truly wish to be accepted, but do not have the linguistic skills or inclination to write a successful personal statement for themselves. The applicant sends a CV as well as a rough draft of their personal statement to a qualified writer. The writer and the applicant then work together to create a law school personal statement that adds significant weight to the application. The personal attributes of the applicant are merged with the talent of the writer in order to make acceptance far more likely.

With all of the above help on offer, even the most confused law school applicant will be able to write a law school personal statement of which they may be proud.

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